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How much are property auction fees?

When selling a property at auction the costs are around the same as selling with an estate agent, the commission is in the region of 2% of the sale price, and that’s only charged if the property sells i.e. “no sale, no fee.”

In some cases an auctioneer might request a small upfront payment known as a “catalogue fee” or “entry fee” which is usually in the region of about £300. But it’s fairly common for auctioneers to postpone payment until the property has successfully sold.

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Passing your costs to the buyer

It’s possible to pass all (or part) of your auction fees and legal cost to the buyer, in fact it’s not all that unusual. Some buyers will not bid as high for the property if they spot the clause in the legal pack, but others will not worry.

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Negotiating commission

The starting rate for an auctioneers commission will usually be about 2.5% + VAT which can quite quickly be negotiated down to the 2% level. For higher value or particularly salable properties the auctioneer might be prepared to come down a bit, but there is a lot of organising and marketing that goes on for the auctioneer to be able to justify a 2% fee.  There will usually be a minimum selling fee of anything from £1,500 upwards – so if a low value property (such as a garage) sells for £10,000 the 2% commission rate will not apply, otherwise the fee would only be £200. Instead the auctioneer will charge the minimum selling fee.

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Other costs

As with selling a property through an estate agent or privately, there are other costs to be considered when selling a property, they include; legal fees, moving costs and taxes that might be due (e.g. capital gains tax).  Legal fees for selling a property are usually in the region of £500 but are higher for leasehold properties.

If the property doesn’t sell at auction there will usually not be any costs or obligations to the seller, unless stated in the auction terms.

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📖 Example

If a property sold at auction for £200,000 the commission due to the auctioneer would typically be 2%+VAT which would be £4,000+VAT only payable if the property actually sells.

ℹ Top tip

If the auctioneer asks for an “entry fee” payment of £300 or so, ask if the amount can be paid after the auction and only if the property successfully sells.

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